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it is very, very, very important that you get this, if you take nothing else from what follows, you owe it to yourself , whether you use us to help you or not…. YOU MUST GET THIS!

It is only ever about you.


YOU ….YOU …YOU ….!


You may now be thinking, I am looking for someone to design and build my home , what are they talking about , “ it’s only about you”. I need information, I want prices, I want budgets, I want timescales, I don’t need “ it’s only about you”, what nonsense I am out here you may say….but that mindset will most likely be the biggest mistake you will ever make in successfully achieving your next or any dream home.

You see, the so called ‘ norm’ of how it’s done is biased, not to deliberately mislead you but it is biased it has to be, in favour of those that are already in the game, the advisers, the makers, the suppliers….the very people you are seeking your necessary and urgent information from….

They tell you how it is done because that is the way they are comfortable doing it …and they know their way will make them money… but that is okay, they are not your friend or envoy, they are a business, and their primary objective in everything they do has to be to make profits.

So they tell you this and that , they tell you that can’t be done , that you can’t afford that, etc etc etc. You are now directed to their way.

Well in our opinion that is the WRONG way.

We passionately believe ( and know) there is a better way.

To be properly trained in making architecture means you have the rare ability - the most important part of what we do is our instincts , our thoughts, and how we solve problems- to get in frequency with others dreams and hopes, we dream the right bespoke solution for them and then we orchestrate the master crafting of  their dream into reality …so in the end you can actually live your dream…..everyday.

All great things started with someone’s dream of better.

Developers dream.

Developers risk almost everything on their dreams.

Developers pursue a better outcome than the status quo.

Developers do not accept no.

Developers trained in Architecture are a power house.

We know this, because we are this.

All over the world you find architects have moved away from being a consultant to being more in line with the historic role of the architect as master builder by being their own client , designing, developing, building and owning their buildings.

This is a huge resource that you can tap into - yet only a few elite know this is an option.

Your dream is yours.

You are you.

You are not me, or her or him or them. You are you.

You are unique.

You are special.

You do not have a copy.

Neither does your dream.

You deserve to have the dream.

You have earned the right to enjoy your living.

Your dream deserves to succeed.

You see , the process has to be reversed, as every successful developer knows , it is not what you can have, but what do you dream of having.

When you start from this point of view , creativity comes into play, inventiveness brings solutions others would not seek out.

The best work always comes out of a lack of resources and what at first are limited options.

Delight is born.

Happy ever afters do happen.

They happen to people all over the world….every single day.

To have yours is simple. 

You just have to know how you make your dream, your everyday reality.

To receive more information on how it is only about you click here.

To go straight ahead and commit to your dream NOW book your needs and aspiration review HERE

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"We couldn't find the house of my dreams, so we created it ourselves" 

This encompasses what we believe in and is only what we do. 

Not for us what is generally passed off as 'luxury homes' or 'architect designed'.

We will only create custom residences that have lots of expansive energy efficient glazing, spacious interiors, delight in abundance, simple quiet elegance using finest materials and crafts. Green roofs with large overhangs above commodious terraces, always blurring the threshold between inside and out. Tough enough to withstand our seasons, unique living to be the envy of the many.

We dream for your living.

The most important part of our work is our instincts, our thoughts and how we solve problems.

Architecture, the luxury afforded by the few.

Before you start your dream home journey, promise yourself to first fully understand what it is you actually want resolved in your current home, so that then is already resolved in your new residence.

You must first ensure the foundation for what you desire is solid and true to your dream.

Take the first important step, talk to us today. Individuals need only apply.

S O N A S (adj. Happiness )

Architecture is a luxury for people. 

A custom designed residence is a luxury not many can afford.


bespoke custom modernist residences: Welcome
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