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architecture led design build

At SONAS, we understand architecture is luxury.

As with all luxury purchases they can be necessary, a well deserved treat, a special occasion, something you worked towards, a quality solution, or whatever the reason. You will take pleasure from the anticipation, enjoy our process, the value for money and the long enjoyable ownership that follows.

Results matter.

Our processes are carefully designed for this.

To tailor a custom building, you first must get to know the end user, extremely well. For it is they who you are designing for.  

  • Understand the site, unlock its hidden values that are important to your delight.

  • Design a strong idea for a elegantly modern custom residence that is bespoke to you.

  • Craft that idea into a meticulously detailed building.

  • Use only the finest materials, fixtures and fittings.

Expertly assemble these multitude of components on your site to realise your building in the least time possible for the high standards we always demand.

SONAS, a luxury only for the discerning modernists.

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