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You too can live like this.....

Is there a secret sauce to having your dream home?

Here is our dream home secret sauce recipe,

1.    Know what you want from the outset.

2.    Define your budget early and stick to it!

3.    Control is the the key, cut out all middle persons.

4.    Only use talented people, good design is always cheaper than bad design.

5.    Less is more. Always.

6.    Have a contingency sum.

8.    Be ready to adapt should the unexpected arise.

9.    Be patient. Quality is made with skill and expertise. That takes time.

10.  Enjoy living in architecture.

Simple, really?

Sadly most dream home projects do not follow this path.

Just watch Grand Designs, budgets get blown, timetables quickly exceed the initial naivety.

If only they too could have had access to the unique expertise and experience of a 'archiveloper', (an architect who is also a developer).

Most people are not aware, architects have also been the master builder for more time in history than they have not, (if you know this you can skip the next paragraph).


When the pyramids were built, it was the architect designed the buildings and managed the budget, the construction works even the workers. 

Only in more recent times did the architect profession bodies pursue a more white collar lifestyle in society and moved away from what they perceived as the more lowly role of managing the construction daily including those that were making the building.

Today many like us have returned to the better way of before, some are architects and builders, some like us, are architect, builder, developer and owner thus controlling the whole process.


Our way is a better way, the lesser utilised route where you avoid the costly discords of modern construction projects where self interest and fear of legalities are paramount to those providing you their services. More important to them than the service you will receive and the quality of their designs. 

With that approach you are not the centre of attention.

This is all wrong.

By cutting out so called 'middle people' profits and controls, you save money, time and effort that can then be redirected, to the success of your new dream home project.

We can only do this by having full control, we design it we build it.


All the additional members of our design team, specialists and contractors, work directly for us. All decision making is fast, any revisions can be implemented with minimal pain.

At SONAS, we strive to design and build homes that reflect the individual style and personality of our clients. We believe that the perfect home should meet the needs of our clients, while also being aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.


Our experienced architect team and contracted specialist builders, have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill the vision of our clients. We are passionate about creating beautiful, well-built homes that people love and are proud of. With SONAS, you can be sure that your dream home will become a reality.

SONAS - We love making bespoke dream homes


We love making custom designed residences, to making dream homes is so rewarding and fulfilling, especially when you share in the happiness it brings the owners when completed.

Good architects live for these moments.

As we have touched on elsewhere SONAS is our elite bespoke home division.

We are also busy property developers, at AETHER we are on a mission to design,  make and own our own buildings, mainly to provide a real alternative through high quality energy efficient or zero energy multi family architectural homes for rent. This takes an enormous amount of time and energy to bring home.

Sadly this means we can only accommodate one bespoke custom residence project a year.


You can get in touch with us using the below contact form, then we can see whether in the first instance that we are a good fit for you.

In the meantime why not have a read at our blog, where you may find helpful comment and advice.

You can also go to our products page where you can purchase our specialist guides , books and our wonderful FOUNDATION needs and aspirations review, a must for before embarking on any building project.

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