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FOUNDATION is our highly succssful needs and  aspirations review, the perfect first step for anyone looking to build their own home.


You will gain instant access to a property developer' successful insider secret for bringing home any construction project on time and on budget.


You will understand how to create what it is that you actually want before speaking with any builder, architect or other construction specialist, lawyer, lender or friends and family.


Foundation allows you from the outset, to clearly define your needs and aspirations, as well as your budget and timeline. With this information, you can make an informed decision about the design team that is best suited to your project.


Our review process ensures you don't waste time and money on abortive fees and wrong design teams.


Don't make the beginner mistakes mostly everyone else suffers when their building project. 


Be one of the smart few, who get informed in a way others only can wish they had invested in, before starting their remodel or new build project.


Imagine how they must feel when their results don't deliver what they actually dreamed of, as they  struggle to find more accessible funds as their original budget was exceeded and the timing all went wrong, taking much longer than expected,

leaving them with additional accomodation costs.... if only there was a better way!


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  • This bespoke study and report by us, solely for you and your proposed building project, is a fantastic way to know your real project goals and objectives without costly abortive design work being carried out before you have this valuable knowledge.

    Should you not require us to go on and complete your building for you, our study findings and report are fully transferable for you to  use and easily become the basis of your project for any professional design team.

    100% satisfaction, no quibble money back guarantee (ask for details).

  • 100 % no quibble money back guarantee.

    While in our experience it is very unlikely, you may wish not to use our report and findings once you receive them.

    Not a problem, all you will have to do is this, within 48 hours of receiving our work claim your full refund by simply telling us by email, where we did not deliver for you.

    Will will then go ahead and organise your full refund.

    You can then hold onto our work should you wish, no hard feelings.

    Or maybe pass onto a friend or colleague who may benefit from it...