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Follow the Sun….

A moment from bespoke home life joys....

...the alarm sounds, I wander into the kitchen to prepare the coffee, before reading my goals and a daily affirmations, then slowly I open the kitchen floor to ceiling blackout blinds .......

......the bright warm glow of the rising morning sun fills the room , you pause taking in the beautiful view, the day just got better...

....and at the end of the day .... the clan are fed, the days work is done .

So we stop what we are doing and take some time to pause after a another great day.

We sink into our more than comfy deck sofas, protected from the wind and rain by the large deck roof overhead, we kick off our shoes.

Our two Scottie dogs snuggle in, and with a glass of something to be savoured in hand, we sit back and enjoy the fiery Scottish sunset sky from the lounge deck.....

Our sun rises in the east.

Then sets in the west.

This is a fundamental basic ingredient to any successful custom designed residence...

.....and you don't get that with off-the-peg!

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