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Is Bespoke worth it?

Fundamentally I would say yes,( but I would say that!)

Having anything specifically made for you is a luxury, and its certainly not cheap.

Whether it be shoes, jewellery, wedding dress, a suit, a yacht.

The process is the same, what do you want and what do you want to spend.

You place trust in the maker and you eagerly wait for their creation.

Takes a lot of skill, experience , discussion, effort and many, many hours of hard work.

Whatever your budget, bespoke will result in a crafted outcome that is only for you.

Buying something made for the masses will do in many cases, but will not be special, will not fit you just right, in some regard that will always disappoint for years to come. Certainly won't be exclusive, and won't be you.

Less than 2% of new homes involve an Architect.

Yet an Architect crafted residence always yields more value.

Value to your experience and enjoyment of your home, value to your setting , value to your property, value to your spend, value to you rewarding yourself with luxury.

Starts with fully understanding your needs & aspirations.

Followed by a full site analysis, where the sun rises and sets, where are the best views.

Privacy. Where is my public , semi public and private areas.

Quiet places, Hobby areas.Family activities. Proper Laundry room. Pantry close to the kitchen.

Where is the mud line, where the outdoor mess stops?

Where do want to have breakfast each day.

What is your favourite morning view.

Always dine to a sunset.

What when it rains?

How best to site the building to be highly energy efficient.

Future proof your living.

...and much more besides.

All these factors are there when the first line is drawn , and the last action happens on the construction site. From the outset when the architect listens, imagines , creates, tailor fits, manages the building of their design... to when your are presented with your keys and your happy ever after begins.

Architecture is luxury.

Many will appreciate.

Not many can afford.

Is exclusive.

Unique as you.

You are bespoke.

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